Venus – Steve Jobs’ yacht

>>> Venus – Steve Jobs’ yacht

Apparently Steve Jobs had a pretty active hand in the design and specifications of a yacht that was still under construction at the time of his death. It has now been completed and his familyt was reportedly on-hand for the unveiling.

Not sure how much I like the overall appearance, although sections of it are quite attractive to me.

Mahogany Heart Throbs

>>> Mahogany Heart Throbs

Mahogany Heart Throbs

Dale Hamilton of Boomslang Boats, Inc. in Murfreesboro, Tennessee is building modern mahogany runabouts reminiscent of the classic Hacker, Ditchburn and Chris Craft. Some really gorgeous looking boats.

About me: Boomslang Boats Inc is a one man boat building shop in the civil-war battle site town of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I learned my craft by building ultra light mahogany epoxy-glass composite racing shells. I take these same techniques to building mahogany runabouts which are MUCH more exciting- in fact they will set your heart to throbbing. The boats are hand made from start to finish by one pair of hands and it generally takes the best part of a year- although I’m getting faster.