Hello again… sorry for the quiet period, but trying to get back with some new posts and information that I’ve been collecting. To start things off, notice the new "improved" web site and layout.

Things have been somewhat simplified. There is probably some lost functionality in a few edge cases, but overall things are much simpler on the backend. In addition to making my life easier, making the data more available for me in terms of backups and the like, it should provide improved performance and load times.

If you’re into web hosting and the like, drop me a note and I’ll fill you in on the technical changes 🙂

Otherwise, we no longer have accounts directly on the site. That was just more admin work than it was worth, and really didn’t give a "member" any advantage. I want to thank everybody that has joined over the years, and please keep following along with us.

Comments are still around, but being hosted by Disqus, a common third party/commercial commenting system. Over the next few days I’ll get the old comments pulled in and catch things back up.

As always, thanks for your patience and continuing to support Craft A Craft!