Remembering Memorial Day

Here in the U.S., today is Memorial Day, where our fallen military members are remembered and their ultimate sacrifice recognized. I imagine other countries have similar observances during the year.

I thank all our veterans who have served, and those who gave their lives to give us the freedom we have to enjoy our time and our country.

Love Letter to Plywood

Tom Sachs is a sculpture who works often with plywood. He produced this little video that is both informative and entertaining. Many of us boat-builders wouldn’t make much progress if it wasn’t for modern ply, even though we may not know some of the background of what makes it special.

I found that every reference to "studio" in the film, if replaced by "boat shop" still worked 🙂


Happy Anniversary, Craft a Craft!

Hard to believe it, but it’s been 6 years since I started this little piece of the boat-building web. Some downs, many ups, and a lot of growth. There have been over 4900 posts over those years, in case you’re keeping track.

Thanks to all of you who continue to stick with me on this interesting odyssey 🙂


How a Marine Propeller Pattern is Made

A bit bigger than what might go on most of our boats, and I would have expected more CNC use these days, but apparently not always.

I must say that I enjoyed when they got the angle grinder out for heavy wood removal. Same thing I’ve done (and it works great).

This is a video showing how we create a set of marine propeller patterns. The patterns are used by a foundry to mold in sand and cast the finished propellers in stainless steel. For more on what we do, visit

Refrigerator shelves

>>> Refrigerator shelves

There’s a growing movement among some of building "tiny houses", often based on a standard trailer. These intrepid builders follow a lot of the "less is more", "minimalism", and "green" trends. This leads to some great ideas that could also translate to boat cabin builds, etc. Check out this great idea for reusing old refrigerator shelves. I may just use that…

The American Queen – returned to service

>>> The American Queen – returned to service

The American Queen, A 436 passenger, classic paddle wheeler boat (with a pair of modern “Z-drive” pod propellers) is again providing service on the Mississippi River.

The American Queen, the largest passenger steamboat ever built, has returned to service on the Mississippi River — offering passengers regular overnight cruises on the river for the first time in four years.