>>> Managing the Waterway – new low, direct price


We’ve had Managing the Waterway and their great books here before. Wanted to pass over an email I got from them. Like many in the publishing world, they are finding a direct to the customer approach is now viable and indeed desirable. Please check them out and keep them in mind if you need a guide, electronic charts or the like.

Our warehouse sale was a PHENOMENAL success! Thank you!

And with it came a tremendous insight …

As usual, our readers are smarter than us and Mark and I want to thank you for teaching us a valuable lesson over the past weeks.

In the beginning, we knew we didn’t want to get wrapped around the advertising axle. Although there would have been a LOT of money to be made accepting ads, we knew in our hearts that the time it would take us to explain, sell, and administer ads was the wrong use of our meager resources. And, in the end, we would have suffered the same fate as many publications, either dropping anchorages that were near marinas to keep our marina advertisers happy, or overstating a town or facility’s attractiveness in order to placate the money machine.

It turns out there is another axle, retail sales, one we chose to get wrapped around … but one you’ve taught us is equally time poorly spent and misguided emphasis.

Mark and I should be out there writing and updating information that serves our most important asset and resource, which is our readers. Not trying to sell books to nautical bookstores, chandleries, and marinas to subsequently mark up and sell to you.

Over the last several weeks, you’ve demonstrated that selling directly to you via the web, at the price we would sell to a retailer, thus eliminating the middleman, is (1) the way you’d like to purchase our titles and (2) underscores the price you’d like to pay for those titles.

So we’re permanently reducing our prices by 40%, the same wholesale discount traditionally given retailers in the marine publishing market.

We know this will make our readers happy; however, we aren’t naive and realize this will not make our retailers happy.

Mark and I expect that over time most, if not all, will discontinue selling Managing the Waterway titles.

Going forward our guides will now largely only be available on our website, at boat shows we present at, and of course on the docks from our boat as we transit the waterways.

So we need to cordially ask for your assistance and support:

  1. Please cascade this information to your boating friends, forums, yacht club, marine organizations, and any others you feel would have interest. We do not sell ad placements in our guides, books or even on our website so do not have any advertising revenue and thus no money for an advertising budget. It will be up to you, Mark, and I to let people know about Managing the Waterway. Please help.

  2. It will also be up to us to clearly explain to everyone why, as an example, MTW:ICW (now at $15.00) is clearly a no-brainer versus Skipper Bob anchorages at $17.00.

Not only would someone be spending more money, but Skipper Bob Anchorages Along the Intracoastal Waterway (purchased by Dozier’s Waterway Guides after Robert Reib’s death in 2006) provides:

  • NO marina information
  • NO photos
  • NO waterway chandlery locations
  • NO overview maps with cape and county information for weather forecast interpretation – NO vignettes
  • NO constant FREE updates to keep the guide current as well as obviate having to buy a new guide every year
  • And, most importantly, NO page-by-page Rolling Header with customized mile-by-mile WX weather channel identification; USCG Station, SeaTow, and TowBoatUS contact info; and a daily planner of restricted bridges, buoyage changes, ranges, hazards to navigation, etc.

In our opinion, at the new price, and available on the website with free shipping, every boat transiting the ICW should have Managing the Waterway: Hampton Roads, VA to Biscayne Bay, FL (ICW) aboard.

Mark and I trust that you agree and hope you will help us survive under our new (some would say distribution-suicidal) model. [smile]

We believe these reduced prices will be good news to the greater cruising community and we’d like to thank you again for helping us understand who our friends are and how to best serve them.

Stay in the deep water,

Currently at Salt Ponds Marina, Hampton, VA

p.s. The website has already been adjusted for the new prices and shipping options. In addition, each order ships with a page-by-page (consolidated) update so each guide can be quickly revised to the most current information.