Tiny Floating Homes

>>> Tiny Floating Homes

There is a seemingly growing movement toward small homes. Many of their features are similar to boats, in terms of making the most use of space, etc.

Something I hadn’t ran into was small floating homes. Kind of an upscale, moored houseboat. I love the large picture windows.

Stephanie Reiley’s has a tiny floating home on the Columbia River outside of Portland, OR. She has a detailed blog at ComingUnmoored.com.

Vinyl Seats

>>> Vinyl Seats

If you have a boat, you often have vinyl seats. If you have vinyl seats, you probably will be repairing or replacing them at some point. Seats and any exterior feature on a boat lives a very hard life.

This is a good set of instructions covering (pun intended) the basics of dealing with vinyl seats. The author also has some other posts up, including some on restoring an aluminum boat. He looks to be making more, so is definitely somebody to watch.