Sea Shadow to be scrapped

>>> Sea Shadow to be scrapped

Always hate to see a ship scrapped, but I guess the time has to come eventually.

The Sea Shadow was a testbed of the U.S. Navy for stealth ship technologies. She’s been out of service since 2006 and the Navy wasn’t able to find a museum willing to take her on.

Completed in 1985 by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Lockheed Martin, it was the Navy’s first experimental stealth ship. The Sea Shadow is 160 feet long and 70 fee wide, has a maximum speed of 14 knots and has the ability to operate in Sea State 5 conditions, or winds from 17 to 21 knots. But it was never intended for missions, just for testing.

Learning to Weld

>>> Learning to Weld

A good article with lots of links to other additional resources on learning to weld. As with anything, take things you find on the net with a grain of salt, but there’s some good basic information in here, in my opinion.

I will say this Instructable on using an additional piece of carbon rod to "aim" your arc was interesting, anyhow. Although I have done very little welding, I would recommend spending the $40-50 bucks to get an autodarkening helmet. They work incredibly well.