5 years of CaC

Five years of Craft a Craft… can you believe it? I sure can’t. Thousands of posts, links, pictures. Plans, thoughts, dreams and ideas. Starting and moving along in a build, and following several fellow builders to their successful launches.

It’s been a great five years, and look forward to more.

Summer is coming (or here already, depending on where you are). Stay safe as you break those boats back out and get out on the water.

Single sheet steps

>>> Single sheet steps

We’ve seen a variety of single sheet boats, where people see what kind of boat they can build from a single sheet of plywood or the like, but this is slightly different. The plans are for a set of steps built from a single sheet of ply.

I don’t know that in boat-building you are really desperate to save wood in building a set of steps, but the overall design, with the single "foot" treads looks like something that might be neat or useful on a boat. It even has some good "included" storage areas.


4 Years…

Sorry, due to a blog mistake, this didn’t appear to the world when it should have.

Yes, I’m still alive… I know it seems like I fell off the planet, but we’re still out here.

4 years ago today I ordered the plans for my Mark V 28 and started down an interesting path. Good progress for a while, then had to take some time off for other pieces of life for a bit.

Anyway, thanks to all that have hung around and watched this and look forward to seeing where it takes me next. Next item on the agenda is getting the trailer finished up and the boat on the trailer, so maybe it can find its way to water.


Not a bad looking boat if I do say so myself 🙂