>>> Lil Putt Restoration


A cute little 14′ cabin cruiser that has been fixed up and is serving well… but the path to get there shows that you may want to check things in detail before you become too enamored.

A friend of mine found this boat online for $1500, so we went to have a look. Initially, it was going to be a flip, but upon laying eyes on her, all entrepreneurial ideas went out the window. My girlfriend and I fell in love with her and after some discussion about her present condition, purchased her on the spot for $1200. The previous owner, Frank, stated that the ‘Vessel ran great before he replaced the injectors’. At the time, reality was no where to be found as our minds were envisioning hours of pleasure cruising up and down the Gulf Islands. In hindsight, the appropriate question to ask should have been, "if the engine ran so great, why replace the injectors?" But alas this was not to be, so we gave him a wad of cash, hooked her up to the truck, and took her to her new home. Remember, always find out all you can about the boat BEFORE you buy it!!

The vessel’s name is ‘Lil Putt’ and was built on Vancouver Island. There were 5 similar vessels built but I have only managed to track down 2 that are still operational. She is 14ft long, has a Volvo Penta MD4b Diesel Engine, and was built in the early 60’s across from Mill Bay in a fellow’s garage.