Crossing the Atlantic in a Multihull Flats Boat

>>> Crossing the Atlantic in a Multihull Flats Boat

…we were working on the boat the night before we left, at two o’clock in the morning, and it still wasn’t done.

These guys crossed the Atlantic in honor of the memory of Sgt John Harvey, Cpl George Holmes, and SSgt Dewey Johnson. They are trying to raise awareness and money for some of our fallen hero soldiers.

I want to learn a lot more about their boat. A 21′ outboard powered design that can navigate in 3" of water… but can handle the ocean? Sounds impressive. Looks kind of flat-bottom catamaran like. Mad Marinerâ„¢ has an in-depth interview with them that is worth the read.


>>> Featherbow


I’ve seen devices to accomplish the same task made out of various scrap lumber and the like, but this "designed for the purpose" tool seems a pretty decent setup. Definitely better than loosing a finger to a table saw.

NOTE: As I understand it, you do NOT use the "feather" side of the tool against the wood. Watch the available videos for more info.

There is also a Featherbow Junior version available.

Abandoned boats – what a problem

>>> Abandoned boats – what a problem

This USA Today article is from a bit ago, but I don’t think things have really changed all that much yet. Hopefully it will get better, but it seems abandoned boats have always been more of a problem than you might think. Just look at the number of boats that sit in marinas, slowly rotting, and those have people paying for their slip. With the economic issues that we’ve seen, people just can’t pay for them.

March Passagemaker – Duck Builders

PassageMaker Magazine, a good "print" magazine (that you can now also subscribe to online for a lower cost and much greater space savings) has a fairly detailed "pro’s and con’s" article on home building a cruising boat in this month’s issue. Concentrating on George Buehler’s Diesel Duck designs and the people building them, it seems a good recap of some of the things you need to think about.

Ballentine’s Boat Shop, Inc.

>>> Ballentine’s Boat Shop, Inc.


Here’s a classic boat shop that just screams "beautiful" to me. Even the buildings have that great New England charm to them. Make sure and check out the site for all the pictures of classic wooden craft.

Ballentine’s Boat Shop (BBS), established in 1974, is tucked away in Cataumet, Massachusetts. We front not a harbor or bay, but a cranberry bog. BBS has grown, at this same location, from a one-man shop with one small building to a facility with 5 large efficient buildings and a 10 to 13 person staff skilled in woodworking, yacht finishing, rigging, and bronze fabrication.