Yes, still alive

Sorry for the silence… it’s been time for my church’s Living Christmas Tree again and I’ve been spending all my free hours working on that. Last service was yesterday, so getting back in the grind now.

Of course now it’s turned frigid here in the deep south (low of 22 tonight). Not much happening outside 🙂

ClampTite Tool

>>> ClampTite Tool


OK, this looks like a handy one to have around the house, on a boat, or most anywhere. The tool lets you wrap, tighten and clamp wire around an object.

DIY Boat Owner has a nice review and they agree that it’s a good tool to have around (although you probably will need to practice with it a bit).

The Escapade by Nauticraft

>>> The Escapade by Nauticraft


Cute take on a pedal powered tender. Mad Marinerâ„¢ magazine recently did an audio/podcast which gives some background and "review" type information.

The boat’s efficient Nauticraft designed single pedal drive system turns a 15" propeller, making movement through water feel effortless, reaching speeds up to 5 mph. A spade type rudder provides easy and effective turning capability, controlled by a side mounted steering handle. The sailboat type hull positions the operator down inside the cockpit. Features a dry shelf up front for items you don’t want to get wet and stretch cord retaining system around the front perimeter of the cockpit keeps life jackets, towels and even a beverage safely tucked away. A rear bench seat fits 1 to 2 people with a molded in storage compartment beneath the seat cushion.

Shrinkwrap your boat – yourself

>>> Shrinkwrap your boat – yourself

I commonly see boats (new and otherwise) being transported and stored with the white shrinkwrap on them. Given I have spent time fighting tarps and the like covering mine, I have wished I could wrap mine.


Little did I know that you can "do-it-yourself". Dr. Shrink carries all the supplies you would need. Mad Marinerâ„¢ magazine recently published Honey, I Shrunk the Boat by Jan Mundy which details what’s required to successfully wrap a boat. Doesn’t sound too bad, with a little practice. Jan does stress not cheaping out on the supplies and tools, which is usually good advise in most DIY activities.

Note that you can shrink wrap all manner of things… doesn’t have to be a boat. Wonder how it would do on a boat-building shed… hmmm. Dr. Shrink’s page has a blog with further thoughts and ideas worth checking out.