>>> Origamiboats: The Art of Frameless Steel Boatbuilding

We’ve mentioned various Brent Swain "origami" boat designs over the years, but I don’t think we’ve ever really given pointers to finding his plans.

Mr. Swain doesn’t have a web site of his own, but sells his book and plans via email ([email protected]).

Alex Christie is a videographer who has been involved in boat building for some time, and worked with Brent Swain to video and document the hull assembly of a Swain sailboat. His web site has quite a few pictures and good information, along with a way to order his video if you are so inclined.

Designer-builder Brent Swain is a familiar figure in the Canadian west coast boating scene over the past several decades, with over 100 boats to his design sailing world-wide, ranging from 26′ to 40′ in length. He has cruised the South Pacific extensively for two decades aboard his own self-designed 31 foot twin-keeled sloop of origami frameless steel construction, and continues to live aboard. He is the author of the book, "Origami Metal Boatbuilding," detailing his building techniques and inspiringly simple "do-it-yourself" philosophy.