>>> The Simple Sailor

The KISS principle is important to me (not that I’m good at following it, but its a goal I try to keep in mind). The Simple Sailor looks to have some good info scattered around, and is directly geared toward the non-commercialistic boating world.

I’m Roger Taylor, skipper of a little junk-rigged Corribee called Mingming. This is my website. Only time will tell what it will be about, but initially it will be about Mingming, her voyages and the principles of Simple Sailing that underpin my approach to ocean voyaging. I’ll also post, from time to time, pieces I have written about sailing issues in general.

I have put Simple Sailing in capital letters. This is to give it some importance. A title, if you like. Sailing is becoming a sport riddled with unnecessary complexity. This complexity is commercially driven. We are under severe marketing pressure to buy more and more gadgets, to buy ever bigger and more sophisticated yachts. The more we succumb to these pressures, the happier and more profitable the ‘marine industry’ becomes.

I have nothing against commerce. I am a businessman myself. I have nothing in principle against gadgetry. I don’t much like big yachts, for lots of reasons that will become clear as this website develops.

A lifetime of sailing has taught me to value simplicity and easy manageability in an ocean going yacht. That’s why I think of myself as a Simple Sailor and feel compelled to share the lessons I have learned.

The website is very much a work-in-progress. It will never be finished. I’m learning to do this from scratch, so it will take time. Be patient!