A couple of weeks ago the family took a trip up to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone and around that area. Wonderful trip. If you ever have the chance, go out and visit "Big Sky Country" in the northwest United States.

Adjoining Glacier National Park on the Canadian side of the border is Waterton National Park, which, combined with the US park forms the world’s first Peace Park (a cross national border site). The halves of the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park are run by their separate countries, but coordinated and cooperatively managed.

We visited the Canadian side also and rode this great wooden hulled vessel, the International. Built in 1927, it has plied this 7 mile long path up and down the lake from the Canadian town of Waterton to the U.S. boarder crossing and ranger station just a bit south.



She’s taken out of the water each winter via marine railway and returned to service when the spring thaw comes around. She wears her age well. Check out some of the detailing and beautiful wood- and brass-work in the following pictures: