Nantucket Bagg – tool bag

>>> Nantucket Bagg – tool bag


I’ve used a mainstream commercial "upright" bag as my main toolbag for several years and love it. Things don’t tend to get lost down inside, and I can carry my (rather heavy) core toolkit most anywhere I need.

Nantucket Bagg has a very nice looking, convertible canvas bag filling this same type of niche. Check out their various options. DIY Boat Owner posted a review and seemed to like it also.

Cabinet top


Dane and I spent a little while and got the cabinet top set in place in the boat. Originally our bathroom had an 8′ long countertop with a sink at each end. It’s been sitting on our front porch (yeah, that looked really good) and needed to be moved.

It was VERY heavy, which meant just picking it up and moving it wasn’t a trivial task. My plan had been to try to use the center, non-sink section in the boat anyhow, so might as well cut it up and make smaller pieces.

A metal cutting blade in the jigsaw did fairly well cutting it. I needed to have supported it a little better (it broke right at the last on one cut, taking a small chunk out), but it’s fine.

Two things I learned about "fake" Corian style countertop:

  1. Wear a dust mask if you are cutting it. I didn’t. The dust smells of a burning plastic, and now my sinuses are not real happy.
  2. It warps. In the 2-3 weeks propped up on the front porch in hot weather, the counter had developed a twist. I think it will probably settle back out, so we put it in place and will let it bake a little while and see if it comes back flat.

Time = 1 hour