Remember that great idea I had of using the cabinets we removed from our bathroom as the galley cabinets in the boat?

And then I figured out that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea, because they wouldn’t fit through the door?

Well, I was wrong (or right, or some combination). They did fit through the door!

I started by taking the back off of one of them (which is a somewhat destructive endeavor with these pre-fab cabinets). Figured then we could wiggle it around the door frame.

Melanie and I gathered it up and took it out to the boat and found that it went right through the doorway. It was close, but it made it.

Given that I had messed up the back and it didn’t want to go back on, I trashed that one and moved the other one in place. Trimmed the originally installed cabinet support panel down to fit the cabinet and it’s about there. Need a couple of “legs” to mount the front corners and I think it will work nicely.

As you can see from the picture, I mounted one of the wall cabinets on the aft bulkhead. I’ll need to put some latch hardware on to keep all the doors and drawers shut, but that shouldn’t be bad.

Time = 1 (very hot) hour