Happy Father’s Day!

Here in the U.S. it’s Father’s Day… we went to my parents and got to hang out with my Dad, so we had three generations of Dillahunty guy’s together.

Steak dinner on the grill and a good time.

Thanks Dad! If it wasn’t for all you have taught me, this (and many other projects) would never get anywhere.

Happy Father’s Day everyone!

Sag no more

Well, I don’t think the front cabin roof will be sagging nearly as much after today.


Dane and I got out in the VERY hot afternoon sun and built two "trusses" of curved plywood with a sidepiece. The plans have a design for the correct roof curve, so we used that, jacked things up put them in place.


Put a side piece of 2×2 on each to keep them from twisting or warping… looks like it will work. The plans allow for the cabin height to be raised a little, which I did for better headroom. This makes clearance with these crosspieces no issue at all, unless you are awfully tall.


Time = 2 hours

Around the world solo teen sailor apparently in trouble…

>>> Around the world solo teen sailor apparently in trouble…

UPDATE: She has been contacted and seems ok, although her boat is damaged… help is on the way

Abby Sunderland, 16, on a round-the-world solo sail has triggered her emergency beacon and her boat seems adrift. Rescuers are on the way to her location in the Indian Ocean.

Hope she’s ok… our prayers are with her and her family.


>>> Cordpro

This is a neat looking product. I have the ability to tie any cord or hose in multiple knots just by touching it (really helps in my lighting work with all those power cables).

The CordPro comes in a variety of sizes for different size and lengths of cables and hoses. Looks like it could be very handy around the house (extension cords, Christmas lights, computer cables) or onboard (shorepower cables, hoses, ropes, etc.).