Sorry I haven’t been around much recently… yet again life intrudes in the best laid plans. Regretfully, our family has been dealing with the illness and apparent imminent death of a close relative, so I may yet be on and off a bit.

Did manage to go clean up a bit and look over the boat this afternoon. Noticed one worrisome thing… the roof is sagging.

The area near the front and the rear of the cabin where the front and rear walls, the head and the "kitchen bulkhead" are available to provide some support, its fine, but in the center of the longer span of the cabin, its sagging.

I believe the side walls are pushing out slightly allowing the roof curve to droop.

I jacked it up to get it back "in shape" so it will better repel the ever-present rain we are getting… I’ll have to think and look further on if there is some remediation I need to do. A simple cross-joist attached to the side cabin verticals with the appropriate curve seems easy enough and should work.

Time = 30 minutes