Sole painting

Got some paint on the sole… it still amazes me how a simple coat of paint improves the looks.


Had some good porch and floor paint that we had used around the house that has proven to be very durable. I will probably add a layer of "carpet" or covering of some kind for the barefoot crowd, but wanted some protection on the wood (and it is pretty servicable with just paint). I rarely go barefoot on or off a boat, so being "soft" doesn’t really matter to me.

Dane and Melanie will have a different feeling about that 🙂

Anyway, got a coat of paint on all the interior walking areas, including the "platform" down the starboard side where the table and helm area is. If nothing else, I think it looks a lot better. Will need another coat, but slowly moving forward.

Ike Hastings

>>> Ike Hastings

Check out this audio interview from Mad Marinerâ„¢ – this guy is impressive.

Ike Hastings
River King Ike Hastings Discusses His Life on the Water A retired art teacher, Ike Hastings is a Mississippi riverboat builder and captain who has built dozens of boats, including the 100-foot sternwheeler he currently rides – a boat big enough to carry its own plane (and yeah, he built that, too).

Recorded: Saturday, April 17, 2010
Running Time: 30 minutes

The Plastiki – the voyage continues

>>> The Plastiki – the voyage continues


We had a link to this catamaran made from plastic bottles before. For Earth Day, they are getting lots of coverage (USAToday – includes an interesting video of the build) as they continue crossing the Pacific.

Check out their blog for lots of pictures, facts, cruise information and the like. Looks like a good time, for a good cause, and really shows that you don’t have to always do the "tried and true" to get out on the water!

Up a creek…

Saw this on a web page listing various "dumbest things" people had managed (no it WASN’T me):

I was once canoeing alone in the middle of a lake when the wind began to blow very hard. I was paddling into the wind as hard as I could toward home when I realized that despite my best efforts I was making negative progress. This realization caused such a burst of anger and frustration that the way I thought best to express my feeling at that moment was to hurl my paddle into the water. My only paddle.

Sailboat in a Closet

>>> Sailboat in a Closet

This is a nicely designed, break down/nesting sailboat. The man lives in a small apartment and had to have something he could store.

I especially appreciated a couple of points in his story: 1) It doesn’t look great in places – forgive yourself for it, and 2) He had a serious medical issue during construction that served as a wake-up call to "get out there and use it".

\ Make Life Better with a Sailboat-in-a-Closet

Magna Cart

>>> Magna Cart

Many boaters use various carts and handtrucks to help haul the "stuff" to and from the boat. I haven’t used this one, but it looks to have some nice features.

Having decent sized wheels and still being able to fold flat looks to be really useful on a boat. Keven Kelly’s CoolTools (a neat blog on it’s own) seems to like it, and also points out that a larger version is available.