No, not pulling the plug on the project, pulling the plug in the boat.

Most "plug" stories I’ve ever heard about boats revolve around the drain plug most trailerable boats have. It seems that everybody at one point or another tries to sink their boat by launching it without putting the plug in.

Well, in my case, I needed to remove the plug. Long ago I drilled drains around the aft cockpit area so that any water or whatever that got in there would have a place to go. When you are getting rain by the inch (regularly), this water adds up.

I stepped out to check on the boat (and pump any in the bilge out) the other day and found that the aft cockpit was fuller than it should have been. At first I thought the floor was sagging down and just collecting water, but then looked a bit closer. Both of my drain holes had pretty much stopped themselves up with trash washed in their path. Stick a screwdriver through and watch the water drain away.

So, if you have a boat in storage for a time, especially if it’s out in the rain, make sure the various drains are really draining.