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If you are into boating, its quite common for you also to be a supporter of the environment. Not many of us want to loose our great boating sites, rivers and coastline. The material used to build your boat can become a concern for some. Wood has its pro’s and con’s and I’ve seen different views on whether its good to use a sustainable resource like that, or if you are using up the last of the world’s old-growth forest.

Anyway, the Forest Stewardship Council is (among other work) labeling wood produced from "100% from well-managed forests" when applicable. Apparently the big orange (Home Depot) often carries wood with such labels.

The FSC Principles and Criteria for responsible forest management

The FSC Principles and Criteria describe how the forests have to be managed to meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations. They include managerial aspects as well as environmental and social requirements. In fact, FSC rules are the strictest and FSC’s social and environmental requirements the highest.