Snow – part 2

Gee, I think this may have been one of my longest gaps in posting about my build. Sorry about that, but just haven’t been able to work on the boat. Mostly weather and being out of town a bit.

Speaking of weather, this looks to be another weekend without boat work.


As you can see, we got 4+ inches of snow. This was "real snow" compared to the last time.

Maybe I can do a bit of internet searching for a motor.

How to use a Sextant

>>> How to use a Sextant


(click for animated version)

Bet you didn’t know one animated picture could show you a bunch about using a sextant. Navigating these days is GPS and other electronic aids for most of us, but having a manual fallback only makes sense, especially if you are really embarking on a voyage.

I don’t recommend this as the be-all, end-all knowledge base, but its an interesting start.