Welland Canal

>>> Welland Canal

Between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario lies the Welland Canal. With eight locks that bypass the 326-foot Niagara Escarpment across a distance of 24 nautical miles, the canal has an elevation change of 241 feet, greater than that of the Panama Canal.

This article gives a nice overview of the canal, with information on the lock procedures and challenges.

A free publication from The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation has all the details.

Welding on the trailer

Well, after a couple of days our of town, a great weather day here in Atlanta. Nice and warm, sunny, can’t get much better.

We were slated to go down to my folks (where the trailer is hanging out) so I figured to get a bit of welding done on that, with the goal of getting it roadworthy and coming to put the boat on it soon.

If nothing else, I would like to be able to move the boat around the back yard a little 🙂

Started out picking up an “auto-darkening” welding helmet that Northern Tool and Equipment had fairly cheap. This isn’t industrial quality, but my dad and I don’t weld much, and it would be handy and he’s been wanting one. Figured it would probably help me in my novice welding to not have to deal with flipping down the shield, etc. on the “old kind”.


Well, best laid plans, when we got down there, they had a pretty bad leak from a burst pipe (flooded much of their formal living room). They had most of the water cleaned up, but needed a hand with getting under the house to fix the pipe, etc. We got that taken care of, but ran out of daylight.

No biggie… had a pretty day and got to visit with the folks and ate some good BBQ :-). We did play with the helmet for a minute in the house. For whatever odd reason, certain lights would “trip it” and make it go dark… and the plasma TV was consistent at doing it. Odd.

Mystery Dinghy

Got a "mystery photo" for you today…

And for your answer go see the Stasha!


A few things we know from the guy that passed it to me, or can guess with a close examination:

  • Photo was taken in France
  • About 7 feet long
  • Sail/power/both? Looks like it has pintle mounts for a rudder (sail), but transom is fairly beefy… outboard?
  • Looks like its a nesting design (looks to have a ‘break’ at the midpoint.
  • Rowlocks – normally nesting boats don’t have a good sitting position for rowing, but…
  • No seat evident
  • Translucent skin – fabric?
  • Interesting diagonal supports for the hull form
  • Should be light weight

Anybody want to toss a guess out? Some of the skin-on-frame kayaks seem really neat to me, but haven’t seen it used on a dinghy, especially something that comes apart for storage.

New Type of Boat Building Plywood?

>>> New Type of Boat Building Plywood?


A recent post on Duckworks Magazine’s mailing lists points to a new underlayment material named IntegraPlyâ„¢ (scroll down a ways). Exterior glue, hardwood, minimal voids, and the poster says that he saw it for around $15.00 being sold for underlayment. Might be just the thing for your small craft build.

Some of the other products on that page look interesting too… birch faced ply, etc. You might remember that I used MDO for my hull and cabin side build (and have so far been very pleased), so alternatives to traditional marine ply are something I keep my eye on.