Well, not really spring, but after the freezing weather we’ve had for so long, being in the mid 50’s today felt like spring. Was actually able to get out and fiddle a bit in shirtsleeves.


I finished an earlier start at a quick sand of the hull sides and put another coat of paint on them. After putting on all the rubrails and getting them painted, things looked a little rough from drips and runs and it looks much better.

I have read several times on metal-boating groups/blogs how trying to fair a steel hull can be an exercise in frustration with the use of much fairing compound, and that one way of approaching it is to not fair and sand as much but rather let the first few years worth of paint take care of a lot of it for you. I’ve been trying to same approach. The hull wasn’t nearly as smooth as many would have it, but after repeated light sandings and another coat of paint, its smoothing out.

It will never be yacht finish, but I think it will be fine.

Time = 2 hours