Long time, no work… finally got a little done today, which was really nice. It was hard to get motivated back into it, but once I was out there, Dane and I had a good time.

Started off doing a little work for a friend who needed some wood cut, which kind of helped get back in the swing of things, and got me motivated to get the tools out.

Moved from there to seat backs. Not glamourous, but helpful for comfort. Started with the starboard side seat at the table. Added another vertical board (the original design has a solid bulkhead here) and a cross piece. Using another small strip attached to the seatback lets it "hook" over the crosspiece and stay in place, but still be removable.

My modifications of the design uses this seatback as a removable piece that will fill in over the table area to provide for a third bunk.


Also got the seatback for the bench seat on the port side cut. This piece will also serve double duty and become the other half of the berth in the walkway area.


Last chore was correcting a little problem I discovered over the holidays when showing the build off to a friend who was here for Christmas. It seems that having a raised window frame on the rear cabin door intruded into the space for one of the rear cockpit side lockers to open if the door was slid back. There is a gap on that side between the locker and the cabin wall to allow for the door to slide, and that was fine, but the lid to the locker overhung into the gap slightly and although fine with the door, didn’t allow things to open with the window frame.

Dane and I unmounted the lid and trimmed it back a little. Just one of those things that shows how working in 3D is harder than it looks on a blueprint (this was my fault the way I made the lid, not a fault of the designer). There are unintended consequences to lots of decisions you may make. Be careful changing designs 🙂

Time = 2 hours