OK, just to get on my soapbox briefly… all the heightened tensions and wasted effort on airplane security leads me back to my ongoing hobby… just take a boat.

Air travel is reaching the point of diminishing returns for me. I’m more concerned about the "security" people and their arbitrary restrictions than I am the threats from external sources.

I hope that I’ll soon be able to do more of my travel via boat (personal or otherwise) where maybe more level heads will prevail.

Kind of makes me wish I had something in the works that could cross oceans, given my love for traveling in Europe, but I’ll make do.

For travel in the U.S., a huge portion of the country can be reached by water. All the older cities grew up around the river and canal network. Exploring that part of our great nation is why I started my build in the first place, and there are certainly enough rivers and coastline to keep me busy a while.