Similitude of ship models

>>> Similitude of ship models

Lots of boat builders and designers will use models in a variety of ways. Interior layout is probably the most common, or even just getting an idea of the shape and look of a craft before building in full scale.

Often somebody will decide to build a model and see how it performs. Be careful here. There are lots of issues when scaling something down and then expecting it to perform in a non-scaled physical world. The dynamics of water don’t change just because the hull got smaller. The strength of materials is not linear, nor is the weight.

There are lots of ways to use models to learn about full size performance (its been done for centuries), but there are lots of considerations. The study of this type of interaction is the basis of this "similitude" topic. Check it out for some interesting info.

Terrorism and Security – just buy a boat

OK, just to get on my soapbox briefly… all the heightened tensions and wasted effort on airplane security leads me back to my ongoing hobby… just take a boat.

Air travel is reaching the point of diminishing returns for me. I’m more concerned about the "security" people and their arbitrary restrictions than I am the threats from external sources.

I hope that I’ll soon be able to do more of my travel via boat (personal or otherwise) where maybe more level heads will prevail.

Kind of makes me wish I had something in the works that could cross oceans, given my love for traveling in Europe, but I’ll make do.

For travel in the U.S., a huge portion of the country can be reached by water. All the older cities grew up around the river and canal network. Exploring that part of our great nation is why I started my build in the first place, and there are certainly enough rivers and coastline to keep me busy a while.

Never enough clamps

One thing a boat-building hobby gives is an infinite source of present ideas. My family did very well this cycle 🙂

Got a nice 6" bench vise, a set of clamps (there are NEVER enough clamps when building a boat), and lastly a nice set of LED trailer lights to mount on the trailer. Those will be very handy and are a requirement to getting this stuff on the road.


Merry Christmas!

Just a quick Merry Christmas wish for everybody. I hope you were able to get lots of good boat-building tools and stuff.

Most importantly, I wish everyone a Christ filled Christmas and holiday time with family and friends. We had a great visit with my family today, and will get to see Melanie’s in a couple of days at their place.

Bucket Toilet

>>> Bucket Toilet

Rob Rohde-Szudy has a nice article over at Duckworks Magazine outlining making your own composting toilet. Composting (or dry) toilets are all the rage for the marine world I think… given the growing limits on dumping and waste removal, having a toilet that has not holding tank, no pumpouts, etc. might be just the thing.

Sun-mar and others make commercial units, but something like this might work really well for me on my boat. What I didn’t see outlined is what you do with the toilet paper… anybody know?