Well, I figured some sanding and maybe a little painting was about all I would get done today. Dane got me going on the cabin side "porthole" windows and we got a good bit knocked out right quick.

Did get the front and rear door windows sanded, along with some filler I had put on the transom. Then moved to sanding the hull a bit prepatory for another coat of paint. Was going to get Dane to work on that but he lobbied for the portholes.


Got both portholes measured, the holes cut (Dane was quite proficient wielding the drill for the pilot holes), plexiglass cut and fitted, along with "frames" made of plywood.

The picture shows one temporarily mounted. Obviously some painting and sealant will be required, with a bit of sanding (of course), but came out pretty decent.

You can even step into the head and see now (since the window falls in the bathroom area for light.

Time = 2 hours