I don’t know about our weather… it was predicted to be cool, but nice today, for the first time in a week, at least. Well, they were right on the cool part, but it rained/misted for a good part of the time.

Regardless, did get some things done, finally.

Started by going to the store sand getting a bit of plywood (for the "sofa" seatback) and a last piece of plexiglass for the front and rear cabin door windows. Managed to score another slightly damaged piece which saved me a few bucks.

Got home and later in the day things cleared up enough to work for a bit. Got both windows cut and the rear window fastened in place with Dane’s help (hard to be on the inside and outside of that door at the same time without some extra hands).


Moved to the front door window and got it fitting nicely. Had to cut some fastener strips and paint them, so can’t actually fasten the "glass" in place until the paint dries.

Also cut an access port on that starboard side of the forward bulkhead between the cabin and the front deck. This lets me run bilge pump host in/out, wiring, etc. Right now its the hose I use to pump out water, and my extension cord for working in the cabin. I have had them just running through the window, but that won’t work with glass in the way 🙂

Money = $74.55 (plywood and plexi) + $5.21 (tax) = $79.76

Time = 2 hours