I have tried to be organized in my build setup, with everything staying in the shed, a couple of roll-around workbenches (which have worked out very nicely), etc. Sometimes though, but disorganization comes through.

I had wanted to finish up some painting on the aft deck and begin a final coat on some of the hull earlier in the week, but discovered that my hull paint can (which still had a bit left) hadn’t gotten well closed and was hardened. OK, well, it wasn’t enough anyhow, so I’ll have to get some more.

Was at the store buying other things and was going to get some paint, then realized that I hadn’t brought the color information (its a custom mixed color) with me… grrr.

Well, that worked out for the best. We were leaving the house today and what do I see in the garage where I walk past it two or three times a day? Another gallon of that color. I had already gotten it and not used it… duh.

So, ready to paint. Had to run up to see a relative today (so of course its a gourgeous day outside), but that’s ok… if I hadn’t been going out today, I would have gone and bought more paint I didn’t need and wasted money and time on it.

Now I’m ready to paint away when I’m back 🙂

It pays to keep organized, sometimes.