Trick or Treat

I know we need the rain, and that we’ve been in a drought, but this is beginning to get ridiculous. Local lakes are over full, people are getting flooded, and we have another day of rain 🙂 Guess I didn’t get the treat.

I was loose, went down to my folks, and was going to get some of the welding done on the trailer frame. Have to get that finished up down at the welder before I can bring it back home to get it wired up and a boat on it.

It rained.

Well, had a good visit with the family, and little Dane Vader (Darth Vader this year) got in some good, but rather damp, trick-or-treating.

Adhesive Sharkskin

>>> Adhesive Sharkskin

Kind of interesting research into creating an artificial film with a pattern similiar to what sharks have on their skin and using it for parasite and bacterium resistance. They are approacing it from a healthcare and safety standpoint, but I wonder if something similar would work on a boat hull instead of hull paint.


Dr. Suess and boating

I am not a Dr. Suess fan… yes, I’ll admit it. Never cared for it. I can’t remember having liked his work even as a kid. Melanie and Dane, they love his stuff. As payback for various sins, I had to read various Dr. Suess books to Dane in his pre-reading days.

Little did I know that the (neverending) "And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street" started with a boat story.

According to this nifty little kids biography, Dr. Suess was on a boat trip home from Europe when he became fascinated by the sound of the engine. The rhythm led him to write the "Mulberry Street" story. If you are a Dr. Suess fan, check out this kids book:

Ants and epoxy

Not mixed, thankfully.

Got a bit of epoxy filler on the front and rear door window frames… they will need plenty of sanding, I’m afraid.

Stepped inside for a minute and found that an ant "hill" had taken up residence in my boat. That necessitated finding the ant spray and then vacuuming up a bunch of ant bodies.

Something about all the wet weather we’ve had seems to have all the ants moving to higher ground. I would just as soon they skipped my boat.

I’ve also began over the last few days to do some searching for a used motor. Did pretty well with the trailer (yes, still have to finish that side project… time, time, need more time), maybe I can do ok with an outboard.

Time = 30 minutes

Pachoud Motor Yachts New Zealand

>>> Pachoud Motor Yachts New Zealand

Pachoud Yachts is a progressive boat building company specializing in the construction of epoxy composite motor yachts 15 – 50 metres in length. Dave Pachoud, started the business in 1987 in Rotorua. In 2000 Dave re-located the business to Tauranga, a prosperous city in a beautiful natural harbour on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

Some impressive yachts… lots of boatbuilding in New Zealand, seems like. Maybe someday I can visit that part of the world. Several friends have been there and spoken highly of it.

Doors and windows, again

Got to get the front door window mounted today. That went fine and looks good. Now just for some filling, sanding and painting.

Moved on to adding a sliding catch to the front door. Got it arranged so that I can lock the door "open" folded back out of the way, or lock it closed (from the inside only). Its more of a "keep it from blowing around" type catch than a security device, but seems like it will work out ok.

Time = 1.5 hours