There is something about me and hinges that just don’t work. If you remember, I bought some nice, fancy hinges for the rear sponson covers and they didn’t work. I of course didn’t find that until I had them open, messed with and the receipt lost.

Following that trend, the other day I picked up a strip of piano hinge to see about using for the rear deck side lockers. Upon closer examination, I figured out it was the wrong size. At least I figured that out before I cut it in two (it was cheaper to buy a long section than two shorter ones).

Tonight returned that (at least I still had the receipt) and got a different style of hinge (T-hinge) that I have decided I’m going to bend and use in place of that (kind of like what I wound up doing on the rear sponson covers. They were cheaper than the piano hinges as a bonus.

All of that and I managed to forget to get the rest of the window material I needed. Started to get it the other day, but was in the smaller car and was afraid it wouldn’t fit. Was in the bigger vehicle tonight and forgot. Duh.

Money = $11.74 (hinges) + $.82 (tax) = $12.56