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Another in our series of bicycle posts. Yes, its a boat blog, but many, many boaters use bicycles to get around when they are ashore. Easy to transport and (at least sometimes) easier than walking.

Now technology is bringing many of our interests together. Electric based bicycles. Just another place the electric world is converging.

Pedal all you want. Or flick the switch and the silent motor will zip you around at 20 mph for up to 30 miles. Or do both in the hybrid mode (motor and pedaling together) and watch your distance increase to up to 100 miles and beyond.

Whichever way you want to ride, you’ll feel and look absolutely fabulous. Even when handling steep, 25% grade, SF-class hills, congested roadways, narrow streets, or the quick trip to your favorite restaurant.

  • About 10 cents to charge
  • Roughly a 1500 MPGe or “Miles Per Gallon Equivalent (if you were to measure the unique hybrid of human and electric power against a fossil fuel)
  • Design Week U.K. Consumer Product of the Year 2007 Finalist
  • $2,450 base