If you are considering building a boat, be ready for the Noah jokes. You might also be compared with the star on the NCIS TV show who is always building a boat in his basement, but Noah seems more common.

Most of the time I go along with it in good fun. Doesn’t really bother me. The last couple of days, I began to wonder.

If you have seen the news, Atlanta has had record setting rain and flooding. At the time I write this, we still have two major Interstates closed (they have been for many, many hours) and hundreds of secondary roads blocked. Regretfully, 8 or so people have died.

The last couple of days, the jokes have turned more into "you ready to use that boat?" comments. There were a few times I wished I had a motor on it already 🙂

Seriously, my only (minor) concern was if the water in the backyard would actually get deep enough to start to float it off its bunks, but we didn’t get nearly that bad at my place.

I did consider that I could have used an Interstate as a boat ramp… wide, lots of room to back up, shallow slope. Only problem would be the high current of the flood at the bottom 🙂