Went down to my parents and my Dad and I worked on the trailer a good bit today.

He had gotten the longitudinal pieces from the upper rack loose already. I cleaned them up some with the grinder (wrestling a 7" angle grinder will build arm strength, I think). We cut them to fit and started making "spacer" pieces that will go between these rails and the existing side bars.

We are adding these for stiffening and strengthening of the trailer structure. I got my first experience welding attaching some of these spacers. I managed ok. Welds don’t look that great, but practice will help.

In the picture you can see one of the new "doubler" bars along the top of the nearer side rail. Its not fastened in place yet, but that will come soon.


After that, we need to reinstall the bunks (with some fixing and replacement I think), install some fender "skirts" to keep trash and what-not from hitting the boat, and fix the brakes.

Getting closer.

And Dane’s suggestion for our first test cruise… keep the windows open, for easy evacuation. Hmmm… maybe not a bad idea.

Money = $12.00 (welding rods) + $0.84 (tax) = $12.84

Time = 4 hours