Well, we have a trailer… got up to Tennessee and found the trailer. It was more than I expected. Good shape, not much rust, tires nearly new.


And double decked. I knew it had an upper rack, but it was much heftier than I thought. The upper rack is designed with two boat "cradles" that can be lifted off with a crane to launch those boats, then the lower ones can be launched in the traditional manner. Its a heavy trailer.


About 38′ long, hitch to tail, with room for my boat just about right, as nearly as I can measure.

We’ll be cutting off part of the upper rack and using it to beef up some of the lower areas and to make things fit for my boat. Needs some re-wiring and the brakes fixed. Otherwise, it’s very nice and for the price, couldn’t be beat.

The reason I didn’t post yesterday can be seen here…


We got home after dark, tired (running on about 3 hours sleep the night before) and after three tries I got it in the driveway. I was going to the back yard but we hung on the sidewalk. Then we lost the trailer in the road getting it loose from that. Then I removed the mailbox. Opps.

I had wanted to replace the mailbox post (seriously), but had been dreading how to get it out of the ground. Well, now I know… just run over it with something.

After that, I closed things up and went and got some sleep. Today we took the trailer down to my Dad’s farm where it is easy to park and he has tools and equipment to dismantle things as needed.

Money = $750