Scruffie Marine

>>> Scruffie Marine


Scruffie Marine is an Australian company with some neat designs, geared mostly around their "slotted plywood" kits. They provide the frame pieces all cut from marine plywood, ready to slide together. Self aligning and well engineered. The kits include everything you need except glue, or if you like, they will build it for you.

Looks pretty nice (although I really wish they didn’t discriminate against the Firefox web browser :-).

13-year old making solo round-the-world?

>>> 13-year old making solo round-the-world?

Well, not right now… seems a little young to me, but many years ago, many people did things a lot younger than we do now. Raises some interesting questions, but I am glad to see young people still wanting to learn and do.

"I want simply to learn about the world and to live freely."

Mad Marinerâ„¢ has a series on young sailors starting next week that will be worth a look if this interests you.

A Dutch court has put a 13-year-old girl under state care for two months, stalling her bid to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world.

Inshore Power Boats

>>> Inshore Power Boats


Interesting looking little boat. They seem to have quite the active users/owners forum.

Inshore Power Boats is pleased to bring you a NEW choice in the affordable boat market. Now you can have a fully vacuum infused & fully finished interior without the UGLY splatter-coat ,resin rich chopper gun finish found on other boats in this class…

There’s a reason we’re here and it’s simple. Inshore Power Boats is offering you MORE for LESS! It’s that simple.

Ants and Wasps

Not really boat build related… the only thing I did on the boat was pump out some of the torrential rain we had this morning, and the spray the ants that were coming onboard in three different places. I guess it has the ant seal of approval.

Was also moving some other junk around (preparing to get rid of it tomorrow) near the boat and suddenly found myself seeing wasps. Then more wasps. Had a bottle of spray sitting there and used it, but it was about empty and I ran out of spray before the nest in the junk ran out of wasps.

I beat them to the garage… only to discover the door to the house was locked. Thankfully they gave up the chase.

Maine Open Lighthouse Day

>>> Maine Open Lighthouse Day

All boaters probably have a special place in their hearts for lighthouses… if you are near Maine on September 12th, this would be a neat opportunity for some tours.

Enjoy unprecedented access to 27 active Maine lighthouses! This first-of-its-kind event is the largest lighthouse "open house" in the nation. Come celebrate Maine’s maritime heritage and the rich history of our lighthouses and lighthouse keepers.

For details and a complete list of participating lighthouses, visit

Following The Equator: Voyages of M/V Equinox

>>> Following The Equator: Voyages of M/V Equinox

Welcome Aboard! Follow in our footsteps, as we journey aboard the M/V Equinox, our 2007 Kadey-Krogen 58′.

Boating and scuba diving are family passions; Ron and Karyn both hold USCG 50-ton licenses and have over 40 years of diving experience between them. Allison, now 16, already has almost 200 dives to her credit. We’re already starting to live the dream, which is to cruise, dive and live simply. We certainly aren’t alone in this dream, and while we have yet to take off to truly far horizons, we already make cruising a full-time lifestyle by living aboard our 58′ Kadey-Krogen, Equinox, on the Chesapeake Bay while Ally finishes high school.

Living the life… and looks like they’re having fun.