>>> craigslist searching – search multiple sites at once

I mentioned searching craigslist for a trailer and wanted to point out a tool I found helpful.

Craigslist has lots of neat stuff, but it geared around local area searches. When craigslist started and they only covered a few areas, this made a lot of sense, especially if you are looking for something that would be impractical or uneconomical to ship.

Craigslist has since been growing, and they have separate sites for lots of cities. In my case I was looking for a trailer. I’m willing to drive some distance to find a good deal, so I would need to search multiple craigslist cities for the same thing. Searchtempest will let you enter your search and give a "all within XXXX miles" and then opens a window with the search results for each craigslist citysite that meets your criteria.

Not affiliated in any way, and don’t really know anything more about them, other than that it saved a lot of work performing some searches for me. Might be worth a shot.