Painted until dark tonight, so I’ll have to get some pictures tomorrow.

Started off getting the hinges on the other sponson hatch (including killing the really nasty spider which had taken up residence under the hatch cover). Constructed some brass rod "keepers" to keep the hatches from flopping too far open. Worked like a champ.

Mounted the last of the cleats, did a little epoxy crack filling/sealing and then later in the day painted. Dane sanded a good bit and I painted. Another good coat on the cabin sidewalls, including the trim pieces and actually cutting the line at the side deck and the roof trim. It really looks much better with the paint "right".

Painted the front roof overhang (underneath it) and the "eyebrow" pieces over the front windows. Moved to the rear deck and painted the sponson hatch covers, the rear cabin wall and the rear cockpit lockers.

Most all the unpainted areas (on the exterior, anyhow) now have at least one coat of paint. At least some of the paint got on the boat (I think a good bit was on me).

Oh, that thing your mother always told you? Mine always told me to cover the paint can with a rag when you are putting the lid back on to keep the paint from flying out. Well, its important even when you’re out in the middle of the back yard. I skipped the rag and stomped the lid. And sprayed light blue paint onto the maroon hatch cover I had just painted.

Money = $40.88 (paint and hardware) + $2.86 (tax) = $43.74

Time = 4 hours