It was one hot July 4th today 🙂 One year ago today we were sheathing the hull.

Dane and I painted for a while, getting a coat on the cabin top rails and handholds, the front door and front windows.

I also got the side deck coatings finished (I had ran out of bedliner material back when I did them the first time). To finish up, I trimmed the anchor platform board, got it fitted into place, and finally finished out the very tip of the bow where there had been a small gap. It will require some epoxy and coating, but its at least not an open hole now.

Mounted the cleats I picked up the other day… look good and seem solid. I did manage the “impossible” of hitting a screw in the structure of the side deck at a 90 degree angle when mounting a cleat. What are the chances?

Picture didn’t get taken until it was too dark, sorry.


Money = 25.92 (cleats) + 1.82 (tax) = $27.74

Money = 19.24 (1x3s) + 1.35 (tax) = $20.59