Snow in June (in 90 degree weather)??? No, it’s really plastic 🙂 Today went much better on the boat build than yesterday. Began by getting a little planing done on the front “anchor platform” mount area so that it actually lays nearly flat. Just a bit more there and it will have it.

Moved to cutting the PVC I’m going to use for rub rails. Not necessarily the world’s standard, but I think it will work nicely and I’m going to give it a shot. More details after I have it mounted.

I had tried to cut a piece yesterday and just messed it up, but it all went very nicely today and fit just fine. Even got it sanded a bit to rough it up for painting.

And somehow, when the day is going better, the entire thing just looks more like a boat.

However that comes out, the neighbor’s child was impressed by the snow 🙂

Time = 1 hour