Well, didn’t get to do paint today… instead worked on the front door panel, and redid the hinge mount, and tried it, and redid it…

Glad Dane hung in there with me until we finally got the side posts trimmed correctly (with the new filler pieces) and temporarily mounted.

Lots still to do there, but at least we know how it will mostly work. Still have to figure the window frame a bit better than it is in my head right now.

Picked up hinges for the door and also for the hinged battery compartment cover/step up to the front deck. Went to mount that and found the way I cut it it can’t hinge up… I will probably just make it “removable” instead of hinged. If it was hinged, it would just fall and hit my head when I’m working in there anyhow.

Money = $8.74 + 0.61 (tax) = $9.35

Time = 2 hours