Got the first pass at the table/bed area put together today. It can be raised/lowered and serve as a table (as shown), or lowered and becomes part of a bunk area. I intend to add some strengthening strips along the edges, but it seems quite workable.


Got the back panel for the table "bench" cut for future padding.

Also worked on the front cabin door a good bit. The door itself is just the basic panel, waiting for its borders, hinges, window and the like. The trick was that the cabin posts had warped somewhat (one of them quite a bit) and were "splayed apart" at the top. I had figured on just making the door a little oversize to cover for that, but when I got to measuring, if I made it wider, it wouldn’t be able to open back "flat", hitting the side deck instead.

So… I cut and trimmed two "filler" post pieces to double next to the posts, filling in the curve and making things vertical again. I think it will work out ok.


Got the gaps all filled and drying, so maybe I can get a quick coat of paint on it tomorrow.

Time = 3 hours