We’re getting a new roof on the house today, so most of my time after I got home was checking out what the crew was doing, comparing notes with the neighbor, etc. Just FYI, if you have standard (here in the South US anyhow) asphalt based shingles and have a hail storm, you can get significant damage that is hard to see. Telltale signs are a lot of the "grit" knocked off and in the gutters, and small "dimples" that look dark where the stone hit. Apparently this doesn’t really bother the roof in the short term, but later, after the sun has broken down the substrate (since it doesn’t have its protective layer of grit any more) you will start to get leaks, maybe.

Anyway, on to the boat.

During the day I was doing a bit of thinking and brainstorming about the cabin table/bed support. I ran across this Instructables page showing a nifty design somebody had for a folding table. The designed table for by boat is just a table with a nice, curved plywood support. That would work fine, except I have the added goal of sleeping three, not the designed two.

My solution has been to make the table "lowerable" and extend the starboard side seat forward to the helm and have room for another bunk. This requires lowering the table to the height of the rear seat and putting the seatback on it as the pad. Trying to design a simple multi-height table had led me through several thoughts of swinging legs. Came up with one "fixed" support that could be used in a high-low configuration when I had a brainstorm.

I have used some heavy "garage shelf" modular shelf supports to great effect in the garage. A couple of shelf brackets screwed to the table bottom, with tracks mounted on the cabin sidewall posts will let me have the table at several different heights, just by popping it out and moving it down. I think this will work well.

Like many things, its easy enough to change if not 🙂

Anyway, picked up some shelf brackets to give it a try (and some screws since I’m about out) tonight.

Money = $31.90 + $2.23 (tax) = $34.13