Even though I’m a manager as a "day job" (or maybe because of that?) this boat build isn’t a well planned, highly thought through endeavor. I haven’t approached it as a task with a detailed project plan, budget, timelines, gannt charts, etc. It has been more adhoc, which can cause problems, but also is more realistic for me in my situation.

All that said, I’m reaching a point that I think I need a list of things I have to get done. Up until now, if I walked near the boat, there was a huge amount of obvious work that I needed to be doing, and I could jump into whatever I felt like and feel that I was making at least some progress. The only real limiting factor that led to some problems was material availability. If I had to order or obtain some material, I sometimes couldn’t do what I really wanted to be working on.

Now I’m getting down to the "what do I have to finish to get on the water" stage. Note that this boat will be launched in an "unfinished" condition, at least to some extent. Basic functions (and of course safety gear) will all be there, but I don’t have to have all the fanciness in the cabin done, have a bunch of electronics installed, etc. I would like to test some things, make sure it does ok, and then continue to work on the interior as time passes.

It’s a boat and will be an ongoing project for years, I’m sure. That’s part of the fun. Since it will be a trailer boat, I anticipate that it will continue to sit out back and be available for me to go and add to (or delete from) when I want to.

So, here’s a few next steps:

  • Rub rails
  • Cabin forward door (and window)
  • Rear cabin door window (the door is there now)
  • Window hardware
  • Motor
  • Steering
  • Cabin paint (another coat)
  • Top of cabin hand rails
  • Hinges on rear deck cabinets
  • Paint on rear deck area
  • Finish side decks fore and aft
  • Finish anchor platform
  • Install anchor handling method
  • Install cleats
  • Head floor
  • Head walls
  • Head door
  • seat backs
  • closet area
  • storage lockers/slides inside
  • seat cushions
  • helm console

Gee… that list is longer than I wanted 🙂 Well, as I said, a fair part of that isn’t required, especially the interior stuff.