Got to work on the boat a fair amount today. Got the front window frames together, painted and installed. Have the "glass" cut and the trim strips cut and painted to mount it with. That should be able to go in tomorrow.

Got the various floor pieces back in (with some trimming to help the fit) after the bilge painting. Much easier to walk around.

Worked on the rear sliding door some. It just wasn’t right and would hang up. Decided to put some "glides" in the track. First pass was to put them in the track itself, until I realized it made more sense to attach them to the top and bottom of the door. I used these little "pads" that you can put under furniture to make it slide easily. Seems to have worked well. We’ll see how it holds up to getting dirty and wet.

While working on the door, I encountered one of those boat-building (life?) truths. Why does glue hold exceptionally well if you don’t want it to, but if you need it to, it doesn’t. I had used the same glue to attach the door strip as a piece of the cabin floor support. The cabin floor support fell off, but I couldn’t get that door runner off without a hammer and beating. Too bad that the door runner needed removed and the floor support didn’t.

Ah well, all is reattached now.

Time = 6 hours