Or maybe it’s part 22, I don’t know.

Anyhow, felt like I got a good bit done tonight. Got all the pieces for both the forward window frames cut, trimmed and the window inset groove routed (before assembly this time).

They required some “interesting” shape to get things to fit due to the angles involved between the forward facing direction and the side posts which are at an angle. Seemed like it came out ok.

I used my “new” router table for the first time. Once I figured out how to get the rip fence in the location I needed, it really helped. Sure beats trying to hand-hold a router to do something like that 🙂

Did have a couple of interesting moments. I went ahead and used the old router that was mounted on the table. First thing I found was that although it turns on fine, it doesn’t (always) turn off. Was a little startling when I couldn’t get it to stop without pulling the plug. I’ll need to fix that.

Speaking of startling, that would be a mild description of the second interesting moment I had. Sitting crosslegged on the floor in front of the router table (yes, I should have it mounted up somewhere, but…) routing away, and suddenly “thud”. Sound changes. Router is still on (of course, I haven’t unplugged it), but bit is not cutting. Move board and bit is “gone”. Actually the entire body of the router fell out of its exterior housing and is now sitting on the floor.

Thankfully the way it all fits, it couldn’t really get any farther than that, but…

Time = 2 hours