Cabin top grabrails

Got to work a while tonight and decided to tackle my proposed design for the cabin top handrail/grabrails. The first try came out pretty well, so I finished making them.

Just cut/routed wood, but I think they will work and they look pretty good.

As you can see, they aren’t attached yet, but I think they look decent.


Time = 2 hours

Comment spam

As you may have noticed, for some reason we’ve been getting a lot of strange, off topic comment spam here. I’m not really sure what their goal is, but it’s annoying.

I’ve tried to modify the spam blocking service I use, but it has still been getting through, so I’m forced to go to anonymous posting approval. If you are a registered user, you can still post after logging in.

If you are posting anonymously (not logged in), it will not appear until I approve it. Sorry about that…

Don’t know where to start

Recently I’ve been a bit discouraged on the V28 build, mostly since I couldn’t seem to “get anything done”. Either I didn’t have time to work, didn’t feel well, weather didn’t work out, or if all that came together, some things just hadn’t “worked” and I felt I was spinning my wheels a bit.

Well, today was a nice turnaround! (Note, this is a long, picture heavy post)

Got started about 2pm (family activities were a bit earlier than normal today) and that was after the required Home Depot run to get wood, etc.

First off I’ll cover purchases, just for the record. Some various 1×3 SYP and 2×4’s, a set of eye hooks and miscellaneous hardware to try on the windows (more about that in a bit), and some 1/8″ brass rods.

In a separate run, my local Walmart is carrying a variety of marine “stuff” of all things. Anchor, bilge pumps, deck gear and lights, all manner of stuff. Picked up a set of fairly nice looking cleats to experiment with for mounting on the side decks. We’ll see how that goes in a few days.

The last Walmart purchase was a couple of replacement hearing protectors (found in the sporting goods/gun section, by the way). We had lost one, and another broke during use today (the band over the top of your head snaps). They are “Winchester” brand, but are quite nice, and cheaper than the ones I’ve had from Northern Tool. The data sheets seem comparible, if not better.

The eye hooks and brass rods were to rework my window catches. I’ve gone through several options and wound up going with an idea I’m pretty sure I got from Brad Indicott of the Leah Gent V39 build.

He made a nicer set than mine, but the idea is the same. Take a brass rod, fasten one end in an eye screw on the window and on the other end have a hole for the rod to hook in. This will latch the window open a certain distance.

Brad had the good idea of letting the windows open part way, but keeping them inside the profile of the hull sides, so they wouldn’t hit docks or the like. All of my super ideas didn’t pan out, so I went with his, which really works well. Highly recommended.


On my front windows, there was a convenient point to use the hook for latching the window tightly closed. The rear wasn’t quite as good, but workable.


The next big accomplishment was the front door. We had the panel mounted, but now it has the door “stop” strips installed, the door framing in place, the window cut out made and its all ready for plexi to be installed. I have to make one more plexi purchase for this window, so it’s just open right now.



View from inside:


From there, moved to working on the head… got the basic framing up like I wanted, and part of the wall in place. Initially, we may go with a curtain instead of a hard door, just for convenience. I don’t know… since the forward door came out well, I may go ahead here 🙂


A bit ago I showed a picture of the cabin table in “table” mode. I also got the edges beefed up and rounded over today. Here’s a shot in “bed” mode.


All-in-all, I feel MUCH better about things now. Amazing how one day when you get things done can change your outlook.

Money = $89.86 + $6.29 (tax) = $96.15

Time = 5 hours

Graphene – basis of a new battery technology?

>>> Graphene – basis of a new battery technology?

Another new technology being examined for battery use. Actually ultracapacitor use, but…

I don’t know if it will fly, but if you are into computers, silicon chips, carbon nano-tubes and the like (well, some of us keep up with more than boats :-)), then read up on graphene.

Being able to "easily" create a single atom thick layer of anything just boggles my mind.

If I were a betting person, I’d lay the future of transportation on electric vehicles powered by ultracapacitors that provide a 500 mile range on a 5 minute “fill-up” and don’t cost much more than a gas or diesel vehicle you might buy today. Sound like a fantasy? I sure hope it’s not.

Seaside Moon Mirage

>>> Seaside Moon Mirage


The Astronomy Picture of the Day site has been publishing a picture every day, with associated information, which is often very educational, since June 16, 1995. I don’t know if they have missed any days in all that time, but if they have, it sure isn’t many.

I enjoy the site and what I can learn from them. This picture is just really, really pretty, and includes a nice boat to boot.

Technology Survey – Mad Marinerâ„¢

>>> Technology Survey – Mad Marinerâ„¢

Mad Marinerâ„¢ Magazine is running another survey… this one on technology onboard.

Questions involve "what is it that boaters really want and need? And which technologies will really make a difference on your boat?"

Filling out the survey enters you in a contest with some pretty good prizes, so give it a shot!

First prize is a SPOT Satellite Messenger and one year of service, worth about $250. Second prize is a free one-year membership at Pier88 Diving Co., a nationwide network of diving professionals who perform damage inspections, remove propellers or cut away tangles anytime you call. Third prize is a free installation of Navimatics Charts&Tides, a marine navigation and tides program for Apple’s iPhone.

For full disclosure, I write paid articles and accept advertising from Mad Marinerâ„¢.