Slow day… just really didn’t feel like a lot of this.

Got the front deck area a second coat of paint… it’s looking pretty good now. I will have to work on the “edge” between the walls and the deck a bit. Getting a “sharp” edge on a curved fillet area is tough to me and tape just makes a mess whenever I’ve tried it.

Did work around the front deck hatch a good bit. Sanded it, trimmed edges, etc. Got a first coat of paint on it. “Cleaned” on the bilge (sanded) under the front deck area and vacuumed. It still needs more, but its getting there. Found one screw still poking through from below. I’ll have to grind that off before I put a flexible water tank in there 🙂

Got a coat of paint on the hatch edges also.

Moved inside and vacuumed things again and got the area between frame C and D (the forward section inside the cabin) painted with a first coat. A coat of paint really changes things, somehow. You spend so long seeing it all “bare” and suddenly, its different and “finished off” a bit.

The fillets I did on the fore/aft bulkhead sections came out pretty nice. Those are really solid now.

Time = 2.5 hours