I had taken today off, mostly with plans to work on the boat. Dane at "last day of school" activities, and Melanie with him helping the teachers. Nice weather and I had a list a mile long I was going to get done.

Too bad I just couldn’t seem to get moving on it very well.

Did get a little done in the morning, fiddled some in the afternoon, and then another bit in the evening, but not nearly what I had intended. Well, take what I can get, I guess.

Started off fixing a couple of places where the front deck seal wasn’t holding and was leaking. Also sealed up the "Frame A" (frontmost frame) joint with the hull sides. Used a good bit of epoxy on various things today 🙂

Sanded on the windows some more, and put another coat of paint there. Seem ok, although top isn’t as smooth as I would like. Starboard cabin side has a few "ripples" in it also, which is odd for MDO, but maybe the second coat of paint will help.

The bilge/underfloor area has collected all manner of gunk over the months, especially with random rainwater incursions mixing with sawdust and creating my own special brand of concrete. I’ve tried to vacuum a few times, but some of it was just stuck hard. I had figured I would have to get a sponge/scrubber and start cleaning by hand.

Hit on a better method. Took the random orbit sander, with 120 grit paper, and gave it a quick sand. It needed some smoothing anyhow, and the dirt and gunk just flew. Once it was loose, it was simple to vacuum up.


With the inside clean, I decided it was time to fasten the fore-aft bulkheads to the hull bottom. This joint is specified to be epoxy filleted for additional hull bottom strength. I got both of them epoxied in place (pictures above and below). When that dries (tomorrow, probably), I’m going to paint the bilge area and then try my best to keep it reasonably clean.


Lastly, made a quick run and picked up a little lumber for the forward window framing, a bit of glue, and some disposable plastic putty knives that I use for epoxy spreading (they last quite a while, chipping off the epoxy, until they get too scratched up and too much accumulation).

I guess now that I’ve written it down, it was a better day’s work than it felt like.

Money = $16.84 (glue, putty knives, wood for frames) + $1.18 (tax) = $18.02

Time = 4 hours