In between other chores (and rain), I wound up getting a fair amount done today.


To begin with, I trimmed the plexiglas for my “misshaped” window and got it remounted. I managed to use the same piece of plexi, which was a big relief to me to not waste that one. Got the window mounted and swinging nicely.

After trying last night to mount my window latches, I figured out that I needed a standoff on the latches, and also a way to get ahold of the window to pull it shut. Initial thought was to cut a short piece of wood with a “finger slot”, but when I stepped into the garage, I saw some scrap threshold molding left over from the hardwood floor we put down. It was about the right shape, so I made some pulls from it. Seemed to come out pretty well. I’ll get some paint on them so they match and away we go.

After lunch a spent a bit cleaning up my “epoxy bench” which has been getting rather messy. The final straw was when a jug of resin turned over and spilled about a cup the other day.

Later I sanded a good bit on the various windows, making sure they fit nicely and getting them ready for a little epoxy filling. Moved from there to touch-up painting the windows. There will be more, but wanted to make sure they were sealed with all the rain we’ve been getting.

End of the day, I moved to painting the cabin sidewalls. The boat is now at least a lot blue (see picture above).

Aft cabin hasn’t been touched, but I did get the forward cockpit interior with a coat on it. Looks radically different (to me, anyhow).


Money = $19.72 (hinges and door slides) + $1.38 (tax) = $21.10

Time = 4 hours